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“Disruptive Innovation, and Creative”

「THE ROAD/michi」

I was born in Asakusa, Tokyo.
I learned a lot from my experiences and encounters with people from the club culture in Shibuya city.
Shibuya city is a guidepost in my life, and it has been a support for my activities.
I dare to put it into words, but my philosophy in creation is the search for “the philosophy of the road”, that is called “philosophy of Michi” In Japan. (Michi means the road in Japanese)
“The philosophy of Michi.” which means explore the truth of creation, and this thinking is an unique concept that exists in Japan.
When a piece of work is completed I always see a wilderness road spread out before my eyes.
What will I create next?
What kind of things will I encounter?
When I finish one creation, I don’t have a purpose for what to do next, but I’m still walking the road, step by step.
Every creation is a treasure of a lifetime, a treasure of the people I meet along the wilderness road.
[The sparkle of a moment, in a piece.]




(Photographer / Movie Director / Techno Producer / Art Director)

In 2003, his filmmaking sensibility was recognized by director Takeshi Kitano, who released a video remix of the film “Zatoichi” .The film was screened at the Venice International Film Festival and won the Silver Lion (Special Jury Prize)
In 2010, his work was also exhibited at Takeshi Kitano’s solo exhibition at the Louvre Museum and Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain. His avant-garde images were critically acclaimed by art professionals around the world.
In 2005, he produced a video for the French sports brand Arena.This video was aired in sports stores and broadcasters around the world, including at the London Olympics.
In August 2012, the EP reached Number 1 on the Beatport Top Selling Tracks in Japan’s chart.
In 2019, in six months, the international labels “Soma Records”, “Suara”, “FLASH Recordings “”Sleaze Records””, “Naked Lunch”, “Eclipse Recordings “, etc., and has a large number of followers on Facebook Fan page and Soundcloud.
In 2020, he will start working as a photographer in earnest, responding to offers. He has photographed many famous executives and artists, including former SONY CEO Nobuyuki Idei and DJ Krush.
In 2021, he closes his own club, EN-SOF TOKYO, which was acclaimed as “Amazing” by the owner and producer of Fabric London, the world’s No.1 club, for future activities.

In 2022, he established BOND BOY Inc. addition to photography, film and music, he also has experience in space and club production, which he has cultivated over many years, and is currently expanding his activities globally in LA, New York, India, Singapore, Croatia and other countries. He is also committed to working as a coordinator for the direct transmission of local culture in Japan to other countries. In November of the same year, he has also been involved in the creative strategy of businesses, including recruitment strategy and planning for companies involved in DX business, utilizing his execution and planning skills developed in the field.

In 2024, he became Ambassador/Director of Fashion Art Magazine LOOKS Magazine (Paris) In The City Magazine (Atlanta). He won the Grand Prix at an exhibition held at the Chateau De Valnay, a castle in France.

In addition, a perfume named “Hideyoshi” will be released in collaboration with a Parisian perfumer.

He is currently working hard to deliver the ‘real thing’ to the world and to create and transmit a culture that will become a global standard in the future, utilizing his originality in planning, his ability to turn plans into reality, his overseas connections, and his connections in Japan.


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