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“Disruptive Innovation, and Creative”

Film is generally referred to as a comprehensive art form.

By adding elements of sound, time, and story to the art of the moment of photographyvand story to the art of the moment, like an orchestra.

On the other hand,
My creations in very partial than film making.

It is an act of capturing the sparkle in the subject
I have produced many creative works on the elements that make up cinema, including images and music, and photography.

What I am doing is not a comprehensive art.

I am working with images that exist in the here and now, in the moment.
I am creating images that exist in the here and now,
and I am creating through the filter of myself.

Creation is no genre, no border, and no rule.

I am essentially more free and
and to reflect invisible values.
In my mind, there are no boundaries between genres.

When I create something, I believe the impulse of the moment.
When I offer these things to my cliants, it is also a prerequisite to well-made,
but I am not only trying to impress them, but I am also trying to make a brand-new scene.

If I dare to define myself as a creator, or artist,
I would say that I am a person – who are being who emanates the creation of a part,
and a creator who cuts out the world, including people, from all angles, and entrusts the connection of the parts to society.

I am an artist who completes the art in others by entrusting the connection of the parts to society, and peopple.
And I want to create an art that is completed in others.

With this in mind, he defined his activities as “Holism art.”


「THE ROAD/michi」

I was born in Asakusa, Tokyo and grew up in the streets of Shibuya.

In my mind, the word “STREET” means a life style.
I learned a lot, not from schools or books, but from the people I met and the experiences I had on the streets.

I realized that the streets of the city are as a guidepost in my life and as a support for my creative activities.

It is not my hobby to talk about philosophy in an exaggerated manner.

I dare to put it into words, but my philosophy in photography is the search for “the way of creation.”

In Japan, that is called “Michi”.

The single word “Michi” can be translated into English as.

‘way’, ‘road’, ‘street’, etc.

It has a multi-layered meaning that is my roots.

The “Michi” values exist in Japan.
I am determined to master the “Michi-style”, and take it one step at a time.

When a piece of work is completed,
I always see a wilderness spread out before my eyes.

What will I create next?
What kind of things will I encounter?

I have no idea,  but still, step by step, one by one, I walk along the path.

Every creation is a treasure of a lifetime, a treasure of the people I meet along the wilderness path.

The sparkle of a moment, in a piece.