(Movie Director / Photographer / Techno Producer/Spacial architect)

 In 2003, my filmmaking sensibility was recognized by director Takeshi Kitano, who released a remixed video of the film “Zatoichi” .
 The film was screened at the Venice International Film Festival and won the Silver Lion (Special Jury Prize)

 In 2010, my work was also exhibited at Takeshi Kitano’s solo exhibition at the Louvre Museum.
 My avant-garde images were critically acclaimed by art professionals around the world.

 In 2005, I produced a video for the French sports brand Arena.
 This video was aired in sports stores and broadcasters around the world, including at the London Olympics.

    In January 2012, I started my music career.
 In six months, I released more than 100 songs from 30 labels worldwide and received invitations to offer world tours.

 In August 2012, the EP reached Number 1 on the Beatport Top Selling Tracks in Japan chart.
 In September of the same year, the album CD was released on Entropy Records in Paris, France for worldwide distribution.

    In 2014, the album reached  on Beatport’s Minimalist chart, beating out a number of big artists.

 In 2015, I released vinyl on Detroit’s prestigious Soiree Records label.
 In just under 3 years, I released 300 tracks.
 I then started my own label “Killer Crossover” to produce experimental tracks.

 In 2019, I resumed my activities and started an international labels in six months, and signed with a major French agent for a European tour.

    In 2022,  In November of the same year, my advisory company was reassured by Microsoft HQ’s start-up support,
    and I was involved in the creative strategy of the business, utilizing his execution and planning skills cultivated in the field,
   such as recruitment strategy and planning for companies engaged in DX business.